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facials update

Each 60, 90, or 120 minute signature facial provides instant results and is curated to the uniqueness of each client. A custom combination of 1-4 of our exclusive, industry leading modalities take a synergistic approach to solving your present and long term goals.

Modalities include:

Qi Beauty™

A Synergistic Skincare exclusive, reset and repair skin function at the cellular level with Qi Beauty™. A unique pattern of 24k gold plated gauss specific micro magnets are placed on the skin and work below the surface. Combining acupuncture philosophy with Static Magnetic Fields is clinically proven to heal live tissue. It generates the energy skin requires for biological recovery sans downtime. Where many treatments use controlled damage to stimulate repair, this is the opposite. Qi restores cell communication reminding the tissues how to function optimally. This means that in addition to its age reversing properties, it can heal the most sensitive, inflamed skin- even acne, rosacea and wounds.

Radio Frequency

Skin tightening, smoothing and remodeling benefits with the NuEra’s targeted technology. Radio Frequency stimulates collagen and elastin production through controlled heat. It feels like a warm stone and is always paired with a lymphatic drainage massage to enhance results and encourage detox.


Instantly tone, lift and firm with NeurotriS Microcurrent. Target multiple concerns from the surface-level down to the deep, structural layers of the face, neck and chest. Skin tissues are be flooded with oxygen and nutrients while establishing muscular and cellular memory for results that last.

Buccal Massage

Facial and intra-oral massage releases tension and improves overall skin health. Focusing on and embracing the inevitable structural changes the body endures, this massage goes deeper, speaking to connective tissue, bone, muscle, ligaments, fascia, and fat. Experience the release of clogged lymph, reduce fibrotic tissue, and ensure uniform fat distribution.

Gua Sha

Tools and techniques by Dr. Ping Zhang and Cecily Braden are used to highlight the cell-renewing importance of flow. The use of warm herbal poultice, cupping and pro grade Gua Sha tools promotes the free flow of vital nutrients that feed the skin. Naturally clears obstructions, supports and re-patterns the natural aging process.

LED Light Therapy

Light Emitting Diodes “re-energize” cellular activity by 200%. Red LED is used to plump and repair, while blue LED is used to kill bacteria and stabilize oil glands. Always paired with a scalp and ear massage.

Peel + Extractions

Targeted exfoliation and gentle, yet thorough extractions. Always paired with High Frequency to kill bacteria and Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage to promote recovery.

Advanced Laser Therapy

Laser can be added to treat rosacea, broken capillaries or stubborn pigmentation.

60 minutes
1-2 modalities

90 minutes
2-3 modalities

120 minutes
3-4 modalities

Face Reality Treatment

Face Reality treatments deliver gentle and hyper-focused results. Deeply cleanse and restore the skin with a customized peel, gentle yet thorough extractions and manual lymphatic drainage massage to promote skin repair. LED light therapy may be added to lower inflammation and kill bacteria, depending on the peel used.