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Qi Beauty™ Home Kit


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Using subdermal magnetic gradients and acupuncture pilosiphy, the Home Kit is the best way to maintain results. Reset and repair skin function at the cellular level. Qi beauty™ generates the energy skin requires for biological recovery without trauma or downtime. Where many treatments historically use controlled damage to stimulate repair, this is the opposite. Homeostasis and cell to cell communication are restored by treating excesses and deficiencies, reminding the skin how to function optimally.

This means that in addition to its age reversing properties, it can heal the most sensitive skin types regardless of the extent of previous damage- even acne, rosacea, and wounds. 24k gold plated gauss specific micro magnets are applied to the skin to create a custom electromagnetic matrix that's controlled gradients function below the skin’s surface. With clinically proven quantum principles, the skin looks and acts younger from improved balance and functionality. Magic!


10 sheets, up to 100 treatments

includes: 5 Sheets-  single patch micro-magnets, 5 sheets- strips, refillable travel spritz

24K Gold Plated Micro Magnet patches
Organic ingredients
Certified Australian made

Use + Tips

It is important to cleanse and tone before applying to dry skin so that the patches can stick properly. Follow the application diagrams that come with your kit, or the how-to videos here on the website. Can wear alone or pat your normal skincare over the patches. Wear overnight for best results daily or several times per week. You may experience a slight indentation on the skin for a few minutes after removing, we call this dermal rise and it is a sign of good Qi being brought to the surface.


Anyone looking to mintain results from their in- studio Qi Beauty™ treatments, or for those who traveling or not in close proximity to a certified provider.


Corrects cell-to-cell communiction. Regulates the natural biological process of skin tissues, skin kinetics, and dermal secretions. Raises the energetic potential of skin. Flushes inflammation, acne, pigmentation rosacea and more while providing anti-ageing benefits. Instantly firms, lifts, defines and diminishes fine lines and deep set wrinkles. Balances oil and water content in the tissue. Non-injurious, non-invasive, no trauma to skin, no downtime.