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Qi Beauty™ Nourish Moisturizer


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If you're looking for a simple, high quality, rich and repairative moisturizer, the search ends here. Provides dry, dehydrated and damaged skin with a protective barrier to restore harmony.



White to off-white rich, opaque cream
Organic ingredients
Certified Australian made

Use + Tips

Apply a nickel sized amount to face, neck and chest. Masssage then pat into skin after Qi Beauty™ Home Kits, serums and under spf in the am.


Anyone with dry or compramized skin. Vitamin K rich properites hep support healthy cappilary walls in broken blood vessels.


Rich in natural forms of vitamins A, E, K and B5 restore compramised skin or seasonal changes. These potent ingredients restore skin integtrity.

Key Ingredients

Fig Extract:
Rich in vitamin B5 to heal and prevent dermal water loss. Stableizes tyrosinase which prevents hyperpigmentation.

Evening Primrose Oil:
Softens and smooths skin and helps to balance texture.