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Madalaina Conti Synergistic Skincare was created around the philosophy that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

This belief system is rooted in reaching long term goals through a combined effort of like-minded, results driven treatments- analyzing how the skin is functioning in that moment and using it as a guide.

In the most intimate studio setting, you will find a realistic, thoughtfully curated and ever-evolving repertoire of treatments that work towards any skin goal, synergistically.


Madalaina Conti is a New York- based Licensed Esthetician specializing in inflammatory skin conditions and integrated wellness. She is a Certified Acne Specialist with two ITEC Advanced Esthetics diplomas and is the first practitioner to bring quantum esthetics Qi Beauty™ to NYC. She is also an expert in many advanced esthetic techniques including: Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Gua Sha, Buccal Massage and multiple medical esthetic modalities.

After earning a double major in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona, Madalaina dove into esthetics professionally to focus on her passion for the gut/skin connection after personal hormonal health issues took a significant toll on her own skin and mental health. In seeking treatment for herself, she quickly noticed the lack of emphasis on how inner health relates to skin health, and the abundance of misinformation there was on how to identify and treat the root cause. She wanted to advocate for what seemed to be an ever-growing number of people struggling with similar concerns.

This personal experience coupled with a deep industry passion has kept Madalaina hungry to learn and find new ways to serve her clients on their own skin journeys. She believes that creating a safe, collaborative space for clients to learn and make informed decisions is fundamental. Her goal is to provide a fresh view that is realistic and rooted in balance as it relates to our largest organ.