laser hair removal

All Laser Hair Removal services are performed using the SplendorX by Lumenis. 

This pain-free device combines Alexandrite and Nd:YAG laser systems allowing the ability to customize each treatment for all skin tones and hair colors, resulting in more effective results in potentially fewer sessions.

*indicates areas included in the full body service

Laser Hair Removal Contraindications

Important: We cannot perform your service if you have not shaved prior to you visit. We treat this as a last minute cancellation which may result in being charged for the full cost of treatment per our cancellation policy

  • Oral or topical skin sensitizing medication such as isotretinoin(Accutane or similar, prescription retinols etc.)
  • Medication that increases sensitivity to light
  • Medication that changes skin metabolism
  • Cancer, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Immunotherapy (within the past 6 months)
  • Skin Cancer or precancerous lesions in the treatment area
  • Impaired skin integrity
  • Skin lesions or bruising in the treatment area
  • Epilepsy
  • Recent sun exposure, tan or sunburn (must wait at least 2 months)
  • Anticoagulant therapy or blood thinning medication
  • Active local or systemic infections
  • On antibiotics or being treated for any other illness
  • Autoimmune diseases with written approval

*** Other medical conditions not listed may require a Physician’s written approval. Clients who have had previous problems with laser therapy should be assessed prior to treatment. Clients prone to Keloid Scarring: there is a risk of scarring after any trauma to the skin including laser treatments. If you are ever unsure, please call or email us. We are happy to assist you in finding the safest treatment for you! ***

Upper Body

Full Face* $69
Ears $29
Sideburns $39
Cheeks $39
Upper Lip $29
Chin $29
Jawline $39
Front of Neck $49
Back of Neck $49
Underarms* $59
Full Arms $119
Half Arms* $69
Shoulders $69
Chest $79
Areolas $29

Lower Body

Full Abdomen $79
Half Abdomen $49
Happy Trail* $29
Full Back $149
Half Back $79
Lower Back* $49
Buttocks $79
Bikini Line $49
Full Bikini (Brazilian)* $89
Full Leg* $179
Half Leg $89
Hands + Fingers* $29
Feet + Toes* $29
Full Body* $599