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Cecily Braden Mookaite Jasper Gua Sha Tool


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CJB Mookaite Jasper Gua Sha + Facial Massage Tool- U.S. Patent D908,906

Created by Cecily Braden, this patented design is unlike any other tool on the market: it bridges professional techniques with at-home rituals.

Its unique angles, beveled edges, a smooth texture and built-in acupressure points allow professionals to perform extremely specific facial massage techniques while the familiar curves, small size and CJB signature protective pouch make this tool ideal for at-home use and beginners.

Mookaite operates at the Qi level to strengthen the production of blood and invigorates circulation

It’s important to work in synchronicity with the muscles and to support the natural function of the skin. Remember, when it comes to pressure…less is more.

  • Light = lymphatic drainage
  • Medium = iron out connective tissue & fascia (think fine lines & deep wrinkles)
  • Firm (not deep) = relax and relieve muscle tension, release trigger points

Daily use improves elasticity, reduces inflammation and through increased micro-circulation and lymphatic flow, cleanses the tissue and helps keep the space around the cells pristine, so healthy skin can flourish.

Due to the genuine hand made quality of this special tool, characteristics may vary slightly from featured images. Storage pouch included.